OUTLAWS MC National Party 2020-2021


Outlaws MC
National Party 2021

In 2021, the Covid-19 pandemy hopefully will cool down and we will be able again to organize the OUTLAWS MC - National Party a.k.a. the Old Skool Rock and Kustom Weekend. We don't know if it's going to be a weekend event or a 1-day event, but...

With our 85-years of 'biker tradition and lifestyle' we will survive this tragedy that came to the world and we will come back, stronger than ever.
We give a big cheer to our brothers worldwide.
Keep your head high and take care of each other.

We still go back to the attitude of the 'old days'.
The times where biker party's was a gathering of 'motorcycle enthousiasts' in the real sence of the word.

That means :
Brotherhood & Motorcycles, and no other Sh*t !!

We still welcome everybody with a 'no nonsense' attitude to party with us 'old skool style'.

Hope to see you soon.


Check out this site regulary, for any updates.